5 Benefits Contactless Menus for Restaurants

Making your menu contactless is smart in a pandemic but there are a lot of benefits outside of one too.
5 Benefits Contactless Menus for Restaurants
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We're in crazy times. Everyone has had more time to upgrade their restaurants to a new, digital age of online menus while replacing their physical ones. If you're not creating a contactless menu, you're missing out on the game that large restaurant management firms have started switching to.

In this blog post, I'm going to explain 5 benefits of why you need to create a contactless menu for your venue and how doing this can get your restaurant to perform to a higher standard.

1) Safety

What is (arguably) the most important thing for consumers during this crazy time we live in? Their health.

Contactless menus provide your consumers with more stability and a better state-of-mind which equates to more safety. Customers feel valued that you hold their well-being to a higher standard than other venues they frequent.

In fact, restaurant menus carry an average of 185,000 bacteria. That's over 100 times more bacteria on a menu than a toilet seat.

Yuck. Keeping your customers safe is the most important reason you should go with a free contactless menu.

2) Reduced Costs

An often overlooked expense of restaurant owners is their budget for design and printing services. Most restaurants average around $400-600 a quarter on printing costs including their laminating and shipping cost.

With contactless menus this all gets thrown out the window. The easiest way to do this is to host your menu online that people can easily get to using QR codes.

You can use We have made it super simple to host your own QR code that you can keep forever. We allow you to make them in less than 60 seconds. Here's a 14 second showcasing how easy it is to make your own free contactless menu.

3) Mobile Friendly Design

Contactless Menus are (usually) optimized for mobile users to easily browse and scan menus while on the go.  This allows for a fluid & fast dining experience. Here's an example menu link that showcases this feature: Checkle.Menu/Pappys_Pizza

4) Powerful Analytics

One of the biggest advantages you get from hosting your menu under a QR code is advanced analytics. Being able to figure out stats on how well your menu is performing, what days you get more scans, as well as how many customers enter your venue is really powerful.

You can view all of your analytics for free when you are using Checkle.Menu.

Here are some of the analytics we provide. We can tell you how many views, clicks, and scans for any given time period, (daily, weekly, monthly). We have a lot more analytics in our software and are continuing to add more the further we develop.

5) Faster Table Turnover

You've probably heard the saying "time is money."

One of the benefits that go unnoticed is faster table turnover rates. In between each table, the staff that you're paying has to sanitize and clean each menu. If you're going with paper menus during this time, they will have to collect those soggy, dirty menus and go throw them away each time. The contactless menu option is the easiest option for this. If you laminate the QR Code, you can have it taped down to your table or put in a table topper and not have to worry about customers touching all over your menus.


The Answer is Contactless Menus.

Our free digital menu creator outranks others by providing the option to upload multiple menus, giving you a unique URL, and keep the same QR code in your venue at all times. This option is perfect for when you want to make seasonal menus or specials but you don't feel like printing out new QR codes with them as well.

You won't find another free software that provides as easy to use advanced analytics and beats us at our free price point.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if I missed anything in the post and contact me if you have any questions and I'd love to make your onboarding experience as easy as possible.

Written by
Cole Rickles
Founder and CEO at Checkle.

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