Checkle Checklist

Make sure you're getting everything out of Checkle you can.
Checkle Checklist
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We've got 3 pillars of Checkle that all build off of each other as you are running your business.
Go through this checklist to make sure you're using Checkle to its fullest extent.

Here are the 3 pillars.
1. Menu website hosting/QR code
2. Review management
3. Happy hours

Business Info

You probably set this up when you created your profile. But if you want to edit any of it or add more info, you'll go to Edit Business.
Some of this info is optional, some of it is required.

[  ] - Address info is correct
[  ] - Logo updated
[  ] - Correct number, Website link, Facebook page, Instagram Profile, Twitter


This is where restaurants spend most of their time when working with Checkle and it is probably the easiest to set up.


Be sure you at least got the big 4 connected, but we bring in information from 13 different sources.
[  ] - Google. You'll connect your Google My Business account.
[  ] - Facebook. You'll connect your Facebook page.
[  ] - Yelp. Drop in your Yelp business profile URL.
[  ] - TripAdvisor. Drop in your TripAdvisor business profile URL.

Get More Reviews

This is the pop up that comes up when people scan your QR code. They'll typically be in your restaurant at this point.
[  ] - Description. Write out a short ask. Example: Leave us a review, show it to your waiter, and get a free slice of cake!
[  ] - Connect whatever profile(s) you are wanting to increase reviews on.

This is all centered around your Checkle.Menu link. This is you creating a unique link and QR code for your menu. More on the QR code below.

This can be found under the Menus tab in Checkle.
[  ] - Link is created and looks exactly how you want it. You can edit this under settings. Would not recommend changing the link after you start sharing it socially.
[  ] - *Most important* Be sure your latest menus are uploaded.

The link you created should look something like this: (replace pappys_pizza with whatever your place is called) and post it onto every internet profile you have. Your menu will always be up to date when people search for your restaurant menu.
[  ] - Google My Business
[  ] - Facebook
[  ] - Yelp
[  ] - TripAdvisor
[  ] - OpenTable
[  ] - Any other profiles you have


The Embed tab - this is if you want to use Checkle.Menu on your website.
[  ] - Drop the code in on the iFrame section of your website. Your menu will update on your website when you have changes.


Under the Settings tab, be sure you've got these things on to whatever is accurate for your venue.
[  ] - Delivery links (these show up at the bottom of your Checkle.Menu page)
[  ] - Double check that your status is correct on Collect Customer Emails
[  ] - Double check that your Hours of Operation is correct

QR Codes

We provide 2 templates: One that is mainly menu focused and one that is mainly reviews focused. You can also download just the QR code in this section.
Both templates take you to your Checkle.Menu page, but the reviews one is how you increase your amount of reviews.

This is the QR code that takes people to your Checkle.Menu page.
[  ] - Print out templates to put at your venue. People quite often put these on their door, cash register, and tables.

Get More Reviews

This QR code also takes you to your menu, but prompts your customer to leave a review.
[  ] - Print out templates to put at your venue. People quite often put these on their door, cash register, and tables.


This is where you can show off all those happy hours you've got going on. Your specials will show up on your Checkle.Menu site and in the Checkle consumer app.
[  ] - Create whatever deals you've got at each of your venues.
[  ] - Share them on social media.

Written by
Cole Rickles
Founder and CEO at Checkle.

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