The Ins and Outs of SinglePlatform

What it is, how to deal with it, and how we’re better.
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A problem has remained unanswered for restaurant owners across the country, often a quiet one, for years now: SinglePlatform. In a bid to remain the king of search engines, Google has outsourced much of its R&D to more specialized firms. One of them is SinglePlatform, a name many of you reading this article have come to know and revile. For the uninitiated, this company runs web scrapes over all of Google’s business listings, finding unclaimed venues, creating a menu which is often grossly inaccurate on their behalf, changing prices, menu items, and even categories, then placing it as the default menu in their Google My Business listing, all with Google’s blessing. This inaccuracy can confuse customers, giving them a negative first impression of a restaurant and leading them to submit negative reviews.

In the multiple case studies and complaints our team has gathered on this matter, we are told the story of a bully which hijacks menu listings for restaurants, drives other menu sites into lower search page rankings, and asks the business owner for a hefty monthly fee even to gain editing privileges (to see what you could be missing, take a look at our comparison page). According to them, the process of requesting a change in the menu forced upon them can be a war of attrition, full of phone calls endlessly redirecting to obscure departments and suffering underhanded sales tactics to stall their complaint’s solution, a process which can take months, even years, from the first attempt. Even on industry sites, complaints directly viewed by SinglePlatform representatives went unanswered, despite appeals and reassurances that they have been changed.

Frustrated restaurant owners say that SinglePlatform causes the problem and provides its solution, for a hefty fee which can start at $100 per month. Of course, the company offers a contact form where the owner can request faulty information be changed. As mentioned above, this can be quite an ordeal for a time-strapped businessman. We have heard of other solutions to eliminating the pesky SinglePlatform menu from your listing; keep in mind that these are not concrete, as the scenario is different for every business. Some have found success in directly editing their listing, which can be done by the following steps below.

How to take a SinglePlatform Menu Off your Google My Business Listing

1. Access your GMB listing
2. Click on the “Info” button in your sidebar

3. Under your venue’s name should be a category, most likely “Restaurant”; if there is a “Menu” field, change the menu
4. If there is not a “Menu” field, change it to another category of restaurant, then wait a few minutes

5. Refresh your dashboard, and the “Menu” field should be populated
6. Remove the unwanted menu, then change the category back to your previous setting

A more recent method others have discussed is to “opt-out” of food orders from specific providers on their GMB listing, with more details on Google’s official page ( In the event that none of these methods work for you, please shoot us a message at any of our points of contact, so we can collect complaints and consolidate them into knowledge which can better inform other restaurant owners. The more hassle SinglePlatform gives you, the more you can vent to us; we will listen. For those of you reading who pay for SinglePlatform, keep in mind that your contract is a monthly one, meaning that you are not permanently locked in.

Our team at Checkle works every day to provide a cheaper, more comprehensive menu-hosting product, as described on our comparison page. With a starter plan that is completely free (not just a trial), we can certainly provide more value than SinglePlatform. We provide other services pertinent to your restaurant, such as review management and the ability to list and modify recurring specials, all in a far better manner than they do. Unlike SinglePlatform, you can also get the analytics on all of these metrics with any package, so you can find out how many people view your offers, how they do it, and how your customers’ interaction has changed over time. On top of everything, we do not lock you into a contract like they do, and when you speak with one of our representatives, you are talking to core members of our company, someone who can solve your issues right away.

The customer is always right, and even more so if they’re a business owner. It’s time for companies who are too close with Big Tech to pay for coercing the rest of us, and Checkle is providing you the means to penalize them.

Written by
Cole Rickles
Founder and CEO at Checkle.

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