Why Analytics are Important to your Restaurant

Making a decision without analytics is like the blind leading the blind.
Why Analytics are Important to your Restaurant
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It's easier than ever to figure out how restaurants are generating more revenue, what days are the most popular in your restaurant, and what food items customers are enjoying the most. Are you taking advantage of it? Let's break down exactly what analytics are, why they're important to your restaurant, and how to seamlessly implement them into your venue.

What are Restaurant Analytics?

Restaurant Analytics are any given form of data that you can conceptualize into meaningful insights that allow you to make smarter, more informed decisions that will make your restaurant perform better. You can do just about anything with your restaurant's analytics. You can take analytics to see what days you're the busiest, which one of your happy hour deals are the most popular, and even how many clicks you get to your website.

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So... why are these analytics so important to my restaurant's success? (See below.)

Analytics are proven. Period.

Analytics give you the cold hard truth on what is performing well in your restaurant and what is not. With the use of analytics, we can take our assumptions and turn them into hard facts that you can use to drive more traffic and revenue to your restaurant.

Here's a real example.‍

Track your views easily broken down mobile vs desktop

This is an (unnamed) restaurant that loves our analytics on Checkle. They drive tens of thousands of people to their menu every single month. With such large amounts of data, they can easily use our analytics. They're able to see exactly how many people go to their website, clicks on social media links, how many people ask for directions, etc. the list goes on and on. They can use this data to offset slow, less profitable times to increase their revenue by adding a new happy hour special, or a recurring event like trivia night. Here's what can happen when you add new happy hours to your menu on Checkle, you get people looking for your deals and coming to the restaurant for those.

Share your deals and specials and see which are the most popular

Data analytics gives you actionable insights that allow you to make smarter business decisions, that otherwise wouldn't have been proven.

The more data you gather, the more of a gold mine your restaurant can be.

Here are some facts that prove our point. According to the Restaurant Technology Industry Report, 95% of restaurateurs agree that technology improves business efficiency. 78% of these restaurateurs check their business metrics EVERY SINGLE DAY. We've spoken with many and they implement it into their morning routine while setting up for their workday. Competitive restaurants are using data analytics to improve daily operations, forecasting sales, and even gathering data from customers like their email address to funnel them into email campaigns to tell them about what all their restaurant offers.

You don't have to be tech-savvy to get started tracking analytics.

Just use Checkle, we track all of these analytics for you (& for free). It takes less than 3 minutes to make your restaurant's digital menu. Once your menu is made, we offer in-depth stats on everything digital menu/QR Code related. We tell you how many QR code scans your menu has, how many people have clicked on your social media links, who all asked for directions to your restaurant, and more. You can even export your data to a spreadsheet to get even more in-depth and know what works best for your restaurant. These analytics give you the insights to make more profitable decisions daily.

Written by
Cole Rickles
Founder and CEO at Checkle.

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